The Best CRE Tech to Streamline Your Brokerage


Logan Paton | July 3, 2018

When it comes to today’s constantly changing and evolving market, there are a few “must have” technologies and tools that commercial real estate professionals simply can’t live without. Aside from the obvious, such as a great smartphone and a laptop that can travel anywhere, what are the industry leaders utilizing to fully take advantage of all of the opportunities in front of them? What’s on the cutting edge of today’s CRE?

From a great CRM to digitized accounting, commercial real estate insiders are taking a bold step toward technology to help increase their productivity. Here are a few examples of the best CRE tech you can use to help streamline your brokerage…

1. Customer Relationship Management Software

A great customer relationship management, or CRM, tool is arguably one of the most important tools in any professional’s toolbox. The right CRM allows you to register and keep track of all of your leads and contacts, track all interactions with your contacts from every point in your company, uncover and reveal possibilities, and so much more.

You never know when a prospect is ready to hear from you. CRM allows you to maintain a database of all of your contacts, keeping them organized and in one place, while also nurturing cold leads into warm leads.

If you’re in the market for a new CRM, consider Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Insightly or Pipedrive.

2. Email Integration to Streamline CRM

While the CRM system has, no doubt, been an integral piece of the real estate broker’s toolkit for many years to keep contacts organized, help manage deals, and more, industry insiders are now taking things to the next level by adding in email integration. This email integration can serve to streamline the process, moving deals from initial contact to close with relative ease.

Look for a system that can easily integrate with email platforms, such as REthink, to make sure that all components of the deal can be managed through one simple, streamlined system.

3. Digital Transaction Management

In today’s mobile environment, it comes as no surprise that, while once the norm, paper documents and manual signatures can actually be cumbersome, slowing down deals and sometimes even stopping them in their tracks. Enter digital transaction management. While the name may sound intimidating, you’ve likely been using the technology for years.

Docusign allows you to easily and electronically verify documents, e-sign and then send them back instantly, so that the transaction never misses a beat. Docusign is the global leader in digital transaction management, providing bank-grade security, carrier grade operations, and a world class mobile experience — not to mention that it has been ranked #1 by experts and analysts.

4. Digitized Accounting

In this day an age, paper based accounting systems and processes are a cause for concern. And, in some industries, they can be downright debilitating. Today, more than ever before, industry executives are taking a close look at what technologies make the most sense from a digital business strategy, and are learning how to best streamline business processes — accounting included.

CommissionTrac is technology for the modern commercial real estate brokerage’s back office. It allows you to pay agents faster, while also simplifying accounting for the back office. Request a demo today.

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