Starting a Brokerage? 5 Tech Tools Making It Easier


Jordan Everts | October 30, 2017

Experienced or not, starting a new brokerage isn’t easy. Besides hiring the right people, you need to equip your staff with the right tools to ensure their success. Help your top talent produce results with tech that makes selling real estate easier.


Real estate is a numbers game. Build your team’s trust with accurate, real-time accounting software. Agents want a clear record of their expenses, commissions, and payouts.

The problem is real estate accounting is complex. Commission plans can be tiered with different agents owed different percentages. With cloud-based bookkeeping, such as with CommissionTrac, automatically determine the right commission splits. Plus, agents can see their progress from anywhere on any device.

Back Office Solution

Find everything about the brokerage’s workflow right at your fingertips with a user-friendly back office solution. Streamline the workflow and stop delays in growth. By tracking transactions and deal progress in the cloud, you’re reducing clutter and working more efficiently in a paperless environment.

Back office solutions like e-document signing, like with DocuSign or HelloSign, allow users to verify vital paperwork from anywhere. Create an easy portal that places all the necessary documents for legal compliance right at everyone’s fingertips. The right solution also enables collaboration with your team through communication tools like intranet.


A real estate agent can’t function without an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Select a user-friendly, mobile-friendly program that speeds the workflow and tracks an entire deal’s life cycle.

Platforms like OnePage CRM, REThink CRE, Contactually, and Wise Agent can program drip marketing campaigns, or send push alerts. CRM tools can sync email appointments to calendars, integrate with MLS or IDX.


Many solutions offer smart marketing designed for real estate. As a new brokerage, using a uniform branding identity is essential to building brand awareness. Whether through a CRM provider or a back office software, find a software tool that allows agents to easily create the company-branded marketing materials they’ll need to push the brand: marketing flyers, websites, email campaigns, space-tours and the like. For examples in the commercial real estate space, see Buildout or SharpLaunch.

Social Media Management

A social media presence is a necessity for today’s real estate world. Luckily there are great tools available to help schedule and monitor social activity. Some CRMs integrate with social media to pull in leads. Other agents hire companies specializing in real estate social media management to build brand loyalty. Other agents opt to use management tools like SproutSocial or Hootsuite to control the messages delivered on their feeds. Whatever you choose, give your agents a helping hand in social media.


Launching a brokerage is a stressful but exciting time. Start on the right foot equipped with the right tech stack, and this will be a breeze.

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