Product Updates

December 2017

  • NEW FEATURE – Quick add Outside Agents directly inside a voucher.
  • NEW FEATURE – Quick add Affiliates directly inside a voucher.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Updated the design of the Expense facility to match the rest of our platform

November 2017

  • NEW FEATURE – Agent Dashboard – The agent dashboard received a big update this month. We added a useful new dashboard display all the relevant information right when an agent logs in. We also added 4 new reports for the agent portal to help stay on track of your deals.
  • NEW FEATURE – Profile Page – New and improvement profile page, easily change all account information in one place.
  • NEW FEATURE – Affiliate Upload – Easily upload all your existing affiliate contact information with a CSV file.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Reports – Updated the design of our report pages to allow for more viewing real estate.
  • IMPROVEMENT – New reports in the Agent Portal.

October 2017

  • NEW FEATURE – Agent Portal – CommissionTrac is now equipped with an Agent Portal that allows producing agents to log in and view only deals and data they are associated with. Coming soon we will allow agents to enter deals through an approved process involving the manager and bookkeepers.
  • NEW FEATURE – Notification Managment – Added new email management tools to manage who receives notifications for a new deposit, invoice, statement, agent payment.
  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher PDF Download – New feature that enables users to download vouchers directly to a PDF.
  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher Renewal – We added the ability to duplicate a lease for renewal purposes. This will copy over all the building/affiliates/agent information to a new voucher.
  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher Auto Save – Improved our Voucher by adding an autosave feature that will continuously save progress as edits are made. This is particularly useful if you lose internet and the connection drops when returning to CommissionTrac all your edits will still be available.
  • NEW REPORTS – We added 7 new reports this month. Agent Contribution YTD, Future Commissions, Commissions by Month, Commission by Category, Gross Agent Product Summary, Top Receivables.

September 2017

  • NEW FEATURE – Expense Module – Added a new Expense facility to manage Agent Expense’s that can be used to pay back out of agent commission earnings. Great way to manage recurring and fixed agent expenses
  • NEW FEATURE – Expense Report – Added the new report Agent Expense to our growing list of back off reports. This report will list out posted agent expense’s in either a summarized or detailed view.
  • NEW FEATURE – Comment Editors – We implemented a full rich text editor to all our comment editors across the platform.
  • NEW FEATURE – Email Notifications – Added the ability to send automated emails to agents when new invoices have been generated and sent to the bill to.
  • NEW REPORT – Added a new report, Agent Report by Split Plan, this report will list all Agent’s Gross, Agent Net and House Net amounts along the related Split Plan name and description.
  • IMPROVEMENT – We added additional filters to existing reports to provide supplementary reporting metrics.
  • IMPROVEMENT – General UI improvements to increase efficiency and improve the overall look and feel of the application.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Added the ability to resend verification/activation email to new agents from the User Management module.