Product Updates

August 2018

  • NEW FEATURE – Invoice: We have added filters to search by Voucher Name, Invoice Date, and Invoice Number
  • NEW FEATURE – Payment History: Added a drop down to filter by Agent
  • IMPROVEMENT – Invoice Status: We have updated the invoices statuses to better reflect how the Invoice was sent
    • Sent: Sent via email
    • Unbilled: No action taken
    • Downloaded: Downloaded Invoice PDF
  • IMPROVEMENT – Future Revenue Report: Now displays unpaid commission as future revenue
  • IMPROVEMENT – Dashboard: Updated dashboard graphs to be consistent with the corresponding report name
  • BUG FIX – Fixed a small issue on the deposit recap report not displaying the deposit date and number
  • BUG FIX – Void Agent Check is now working as expected
  • BUG FIX – We have fixed an issue where Cash Out Two Payment was off by 1 cent when splitting an odd commission amount

July 2018

  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher -> Ledger Button: Upon popular request, we have added a quick link button on the Receivables Ledger that enables you to easily switch to a voucher. We have also added this functionality at the Voucher level to quickly switch back to the receivables ledger.
  • NEW FEATURE – Invoice No. Filter: Added a filter to search by invoice number on the invoicing grid.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Deposit Notification Emails: Deposit notification to agents will now display the agent name in the body of the email.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Voucher Comment Section: Updated the maximum limit from 500 to 1000 characters.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Commission Calculator: Changed the button name to “Pull Charges”.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Reports Filters: Added an option to filter by Inside / Outside agents on Agent Earnings and Gross Agent Production reports.

June 2018

  • NEW FEATURE – Deposit Override: CommissionTrac is excited to introduce a new feature allowing better control over the distribution of commissions when payments are received.
  • NEW FEATURE – Download Reports to Excel: Many clients have requested an option to download reports to Excel. We are happy to announce this functionality has been added to all reports.
  • NEW FEATURE – Reports Page Layout: We updated the layout on the reports page making it easier to find the reports you need.
  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher Approval – Bookkeeper Override: Users with the Bookkeeper permission now have an option to manually approve vouchers in the approvals process.
  • IMPROVEMENT – More Attachment file types: We updated the attachments tab within a voucher to accept more file types. We now support (PDF, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, csv, txt).
  • IMPROVEMENT – Future Revenue – New filters have been added to the Future Revenue report allowing users to Group by Month and Agent.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Invoice – We updated the invoice to display the property address from a voucher instead of the Tenant affiliate address.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Invoices – We added a small update to the Invoicing grid allowing users to Filter and Sort by Invoice Number.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Voucher – We updated the Voucher grid allowing users to Filter and Sort by Bill To.

May 2018

  • NEW FEATURE – Reports: We added Excel download functionality to all reports.
  • NEW FEATURE – Receivables Snapshot Report: This report can list everything outstanding and collected per the date range filter.
  • FIX – COMMISSION CALCULATION: Rent Amount and Commission Percentage are now displayed on the Commission Calculator.
  • IMPROVEMENT – MISC DESCRIPTIONS: We now allow for special characters in the description field.
  • IMPROVEMENT – AGENT REVENUE YTD REPORT: We added a filter for inside and outside agents.
  • IMPROVEMENT – QUICK ADD: Reorganized fields while using the quick add feature for Affiliates and Outside Agents.

April 2018

  • IMPROVEMENT – Voucher – Agent Tab: We changed “Commission Amount” to “Gross Commission Amount” for Outside Agents.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Voucher – Commission Tab: For Sale Type Vouchers, 1 month will pre-populate now in rent roll.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Deposit – Date Filter: We added a date filter in the deposit list to sort by a specific date range.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Invoice: We added Rent Total/Sales Total to the invoice.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Affiliates: We added functionality to clear a selected affiliate row.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Voucher – Agent Tab: We added an indicator for the inside agent rows to identify the primary agent.

March 2018

  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher Approval: Voucher Approval allows you to verify and approve vouchers that your agents create in CommissionTrac. Only the transactions that are approved reflect in your accounts and reports. For more information on how to enable this feature please visit our Help Center – Voucher Approvals article.
  • IMPROVEMENT – New Design Layout: We reorganized the modules on the left sidebar to better align with the flow of commissions through the system. All core modules are now listed directly on the sidebar instead of being nested away.
  • IMPROVEMENT – New Report Filters: On the management portal, we have added new filters to some of our popular reports to give you more control.
  • NEW FEATURE – Fee Voucher (Other): Many of you have asked for a less restricted voucher for consulting & disposition commissions. We have added a new Sub-Type “Other” to Fee vouchers with limited restrictions. The Fee Sub-Type Other voucher does not require a property address, square footage, or tenant affiliate. And the CommissionTab only requires a date and fee amount.

February 2018

  • NEW FEATURE – Customize Invoice: We are excited to announce the long awaited custom invoice feature. You now have the ability to add logos, change label colors and add comments globally to all invoices. Additionally, at invoice generation, we have added options to display the full rent (expanded invoice) and add comments to all invoices in that batch.
  • NEW FEATURE – Address Auto Fill: We have added Google address search to the Building Name field on a voucher making it easier to fill out new building addresses.
  • NEW INTEGRATION – Quickbooks Online Integration: Upon popular request, the QuickBooks integration has been completed and is available to all customers. The workflow extracts the agent commission details from Agent Payments and adds them to QuickBooks Online by creating bills.
    • All amounts paid to the same agent are combined into the single QuickBooks transaction with multiple detail items.
    • The workflow will search vendors in QuickBooks Online, using QuickBooks “Display As” field, and attempt to match agent names from CommissionTrac.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Save Building Address Table: Building addresses are now saved and can be searched when creating new vouchers. In the next few weeks, we will further enhance this feature by adding Google address search directly into the Building Name field making it easier to fill out new property/building addresses.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Expanded Invoice: Now when generating an invoice you have the option to show the entire rent roll structure on the deal.

January 2018

  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher Commission Tab – We split Rent Roll & the Invoicing Schedule into separate grids.
  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher – Rent Escalation Based on percentage.
  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher Commission Tab – Calculate Effective & End Dates based on the number of months defined.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Updated login page design.

December 2017

  • NEW FEATURE – Quick add Outside Agents directly inside a voucher.
  • NEW FEATURE – Quick add Affiliates directly inside a voucher.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Updated the design of the Expense facility to match the rest of our platform

November 2017

  • NEW FEATURE – Agent Dashboard – The agent dashboard received a big update this month. We added a useful new dashboard display all the relevant information right when an agent logs in. We also added 4 new reports for the agent portal to help stay on track of your deals.
  • NEW FEATURE – Profile Page – New and improvement profile page, easily change all account information in one place.
  • NEW FEATURE – Affiliate Upload – Easily upload all your existing affiliate contact information with a CSV file.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Reports – Updated the design of our report pages to allow for more viewing real estate.
  • IMPROVEMENT – New reports in the Agent Portal.

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