May 2019

    • Voucher Rent Roll – We have added new options to calculate the commission based on a dollar Per SF Bases
    • Deposit Module – We have improved search functionality within the Deposit module by providing the option to search by Voucher and Bill To.
    • Agent Commission Statement – We now display the Company associated with an Outside Agent directly on the Statement
    • Agent Commission Statement – Total Due has been updated to Statement Balance and is now more legible
    • Invoice – We have updated the FROM field to display RE
    • Invoice – Voucher ID and Name have been separated into different rows.
    • Volume Report – Is no filter by Voucher Execution Date instead of Creation Date
    • Report Parameters – We have added Filter Parameters to the Volume and Production Report
    • Affiliates – We now support new affiliate types (Attorney & Banker)
    • Top Current & Aged Receivable now displays the Primary Agent on the Voucher
    • We now apply expenses against Agent Commission Statements in order by date starting from oldest to newest
    • Updated and filter logic for the Voucher Download to Excel Report to properly output the selected filters

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