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March 2019

    • Updated Receivables Workflow – enhanced our receivables workflow to automate pull charges and charge adjustments. You can now edit charges directly on a voucher and the corresponding journal entry will adjust automatically. These adjustments include dates, amounts, charges categories and description
    • Added functionality to be able to delete vouchers.
    • Added a dropdown menu in invoice schedule when using monthly payments to allow for editing specific charges within that period.
    • Updated Receivables Ledger to hide reversed adjustments and deposits by default.
    • Improved Deposit UI to help workflow and increase speed by adding pagination.
    • Removed restriction on changing agent split plans after deposits have been made.
    • Removed restrictions for voucher types “Fee – Other”.
    • Added flexibility for new “Custom” invoice schedule type.
    • Added voucher numbers to invoice grid.
    • Fixed bug with deleted vouchers showing in Voucher Download to Excel Report.
    • Fixed bug where users were having trouble saving vouchers after reversing deposits.
    • Fixed rounding issue in Free Rent field in vouchers.
    • Fixed typo in QuickBooks integration menu.

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