March 2018

  • NEW FEATURE – Voucher Approval: Voucher Approval allows you to verify and approve vouchers that your agents create in CommissionTrac. Only the transactions that are approved reflect in your accounts and reports. For more information on how to enable this feature please visit our Help Center – Voucher Approvals article.
  • IMPROVEMENT – New Design Layout: We reorganized the modules on the left sidebar to better align with the flow of commissions through the system. All core modules are now listed directly on the sidebar instead of being nested away.
  • IMPROVEMENT – New Report Filters: On the management portal, we have added new filters to some of our popular reports to give you more control.
  • NEW FEATURE – Fee Voucher (Other): Many of you have asked for a less restricted voucher for consulting & disposition commissions. We have added a new Sub-Type “Other” to Fee vouchers with limited restrictions. The Fee Sub-Type Other voucher does not require a property address, square footage, or tenant affiliate. And the CommissionTab only requires a date and fee amount.