June 2019

    • Invoice – Invoices now display Miscellaneous Adjustments to show the true balance of the charge
    • Invoice – Added new “Voided” status. Voided invoices will be hidden by default but will be searchable for historical purposes
    • Receivables Ledger– Updated Receivables Ledger to sort by Transaction Date by default(Previously sorting by Transaction Reference Number)
    • G/L Distribution Report – Added Account/Department Descriptions to the report
    • G/L Distribution Report – Updated Report to sort Accounts/Departments in order
    • Updated “Land” type Invoices to remove Building Name and added acreage
    • Updated G/L Distribution Report to include Deposit and Payment Reversals
    • Fixed issue when making deposits with “0” as check number
    • Fixed loading issue when viewing split plans under “Manage Users”
    • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow for certain Outside Agents to be deleted
    • Updated Charge Category descriptions to display as expected under settings

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