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July 2019

    • Customize Invoice – Added an option to display the associated Bill To Email address on Invoices
    • Customize Statement – Added an option to display the associated Bill To Email address on Statements
    • Expanded Invoice – Allowed for more information in Invoicing Schedule when using an expanded invoice type.
    • Dashboard – Decreased Dashboard Load Times in some instances
    • Customize Invoice – Small formatting adjustment to the Custom Invoice Viewer to help with consistency.
    • Outside Agents – Removed First & Last Name as Required Fields. We now display the Company name by default across the application.
    • Voucher Approval Update – Allow the option for Managers and Bookkeepers to override vouchers that are pending for other agents.
    • Charge Category – Fixed bug where users could edit Agent Bonus charge category that could cause issues.
    • Voucher – Rent Roll – Removed restriction on editing rent roll when using “Custom” invoicing schedule in certain scenarios.
    • Invoice – Batch Number Filter – Fixed bug that would cause the Batch Filter Numbers to be out of order in dropdown menu.
    • Voucher Approval – Fixed bug that caused some users not be able to approve vouchers in certain scenarios.
    • Voucher – Fixed bug when submitting a voucher with Invoicing Schedule description that is too long.

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