February 2018

  • NEW FEATURE – Customize Invoice: We are excited to announce the long awaited custom invoice feature. You now have the ability to add logos, change label colors and add comments globally to all invoices. Additionally, at invoice generation, we have added options to display the full rent (expanded invoice) and add comments to all invoices in that batch.
  • NEW FEATURE – Address Auto Fill: We have added Google address search to the Building Name field on a voucher making it easier to fill out new building addresses.
  • NEW INTEGRATION – Quickbooks Online Integration: Upon popular request, the QuickBooks integration has been completed and is available to all customers. The workflow extracts the agent commission details from Agent Payments and adds them to QuickBooks Online by creating bills.
    • All amounts paid to the same agent are combined into the single QuickBooks transaction with multiple detail items.
    • The workflow will search vendors in QuickBooks Online, using QuickBooks “Display As” field, and attempt to match agent names from CommissionTrac.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Save Building Address Table: Building addresses are now saved and can be searched when creating new vouchers. In the next few weeks, we will further enhance this feature by adding Google address search directly into the Building Name field making it easier to fill out new property/building addresses.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Expanded Invoice: Now when generating an invoice you have the option to show the entire rent roll structure on the deal.