April 2019

    • Production Report – This new report will display Gross Production (Gross Commission) broken out by each Agent and Deal. This only applies to active vouchers and does not account for Outside Agent Commissions.
    • Volume Report – This new report will display the total Rent/Sale amount broken out by each Agent and Deal. This only applies to active vouchers. By default, if all agents are selected we want to group by Agent. This report does not take into account if Deposits have been Posted (This is all based on details in the Voucher).
    • Customize Statements – For some time we have had the ability to customize Invoices with logos, colors, and notes. With this release, we are bringing the same functionality to our Statement module and improving the overall Statement look and feel.
    • Dashboard – The Future Revenue Dashboard tile now displays monthly and yearly future receivables.
    • Voucher – We added business license entity simple list New Voucher field to capture Business License Entity.
    • Dashboard Performance – We improved dashboard load time significantly. In some cases, we were able to reduce the Dashboard load time from 19 to 4 seconds.
    • Payables Ledger Performance – We reduced the Payables Ledger load time significantly. This will be noticed most by our customers that broker monthly commissions, but should improve performance overall for every user.
    • Payables Ledger – We now hide adjustments (Reversal, Misc Credit, Misc Debit) by default. You can also view all adjustments by selecting “Show All”.
    • Statements – We update statement column headers.
    • Invoice – We now support larger logos.
    • Voucher Grid –  Separated the Voucher ID from Voucher Name.
    • Fixed an issue related payment history batch download
    • Fixed the Statements Bill To filter
    • Deposit recap and preview not matching

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