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The Problem

Commission Accounting is complicated. Brokerage commission plans can be dynamic and tiered, checks don’t always come in on time or for the right amount, and management reports have to be manually created.

The Answer

CommissionTrac is the first commission accounting platform built for the modern commercial real estate brokerage. Once a transaction is entered as a voucher, the platform will superpower your back office with automated invoicing, cash receipts and deposits are a breeze, commission distributions are calculated instantly and management reports are available at the click of a button.


Easily turn your paper contracts and commission agreements into searchable data. This is all data-fuel for the platform.


Never let a dollar slip through the cracks with our full accounting suite for receivables, payables and general ledger automation.


Never ask “is that check in” again with real time data at your fingertips, and for management, it’s easy to keep a pulse on the team from anywhere.


Mitigate Risk and Increase Productivity

Automate the manual and tedious parts of your leasing business so you can focus on what really matters. Instantly create and share leasing activity reports and marketing materials. Free your back office from bean counting.

Capture Commercial Real Estate Commissions

Capture Commercial Real Estate Commissions

Think of Commissiontrac as Quickbooks, but specifically designed for tracking the complexities of commercial real estate commissions.

Tiered Split Plans

Tiered Split Plans

We provide the ability to create custom tiered plans for all agents involved in the deal.

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