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The Problem

Commission accounting can be a nightmare to manage in the back office. Every deal is unique, commission split plans can be tiered and complicated to track, every deal has different agents on it owning different percentages of the commissions, and checks and cash receipts rarely come in for the exact right amount or on time.

The Answer

Once the paper work is signed, put key details into the system. Automatically calculate agent commission splits, create commission disbursements, track credits and debits, and gain helpful insights from CRE reports.


Easily turn your paper contracts and commission agreements into searchable data. This is all data-fuel for the platform.


Never let a dollar slip through the cracks with our full accounting suite for receivables, payables and general ledger automation.


Never ask “is that check in” again with real time data at your fingertips, and for management, it’s easy to keep a pulse on the team from anywhere.


Automate the Bean Counting

Commission accounting can be tedious and time consuming. Automate the manual and tedious parts of the back office so you can focus on the other 20 hats you’re responsible for wearing. Instantly create and share leasing activity reports, accounting and cashflow reports and easily sync with your General Ledger system.

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