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The Problem

Transparency to the individual producer is poor in the commercial real estate brokerage. Once an agent gets the deal done, it becomes a waiting game until the invoice goes out, the commission check comes in and the split calculations are done.

The Answer

With CommissionTrac, agents are kept in the loop on every step of the process. Run reports from any mobile device for things like agent earnings, lease expiration report, aged receivables, or just to simply see what your next pay check is going to look like.



Easily turn your paper contracts and commission agreements into searchable data. This is all data-fuel for the platform.


Have access to your leasing business from anywhere at anytime. Use CommissionTrac from your mobile device to answer questions about invoices, commission calculations or even just a quick look at what your next paycheck is going to be.


Never ask “is that check in” again with real time data at your fingertips, and for management, it’s easy to keep a pulse on the team from anywhere.

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