CommissionTrac Product Updates and Improvements: Q1, 2020


Turner Levison | April 9, 2020

The CommissionTrac team has been hard at work (digitally these days) creating new features, new reports and enhancements to existing features. Thank you to everyone who has been providing feedback along the way. There’s always more ways we can improve, so please keep the ideas coming in and check out the easiest way to get our team ideas at the bottom of this report. We’ll review below all of the completely new features added this quarter, the new reports we’ve added and we also share some of the things we’re working on now! We hope you’re staying safe in these unprecedented times.

ps, pro-tip: anything in green is a link to more information on that feature/update in our help center!

New Features

Opportunities & Deal PipelinePipeline and opportunity management without the hassle of a full CRM. Easily stay on top over every deal in your funnel with transparency to leadership with real time dashboards and reports. You also can easily convert an opportunity into a voucher once the deal is closed won!

Document ManagementYou can attach files to Vouchers.  And, certainly, you can return to the voucher to review or download the files as needed. CommissionTrac has added a centralized Document Management facility as well, which eliminates the headaches caused from excel.

Improved Emailing for Sending InvoicesWe have updated the email format and template for sending invoices by email to include your company information and a new cleaner email. 

Deposit Notifications to Specific EmailIn addition to User Deposit Notifications, which send a brief email to agents on a Voucher when a Deposit is posted to that Voucher, CommisisonTrac offers a way to set up notifications to be sent to specific email addresses when any deposit is posted, with the full Deposit Recap report attached.  This is useful for notifying off-site accounting or payroll departments


New and Enhanced Reports ?:

  • Voucher Summary Report – Displays all activities related to a Voucher. This includes Receivables, Invoices, Deposit History, and Agent Distributions.
  • Agent Performance Report – Quickly rank agents by a date range. You can order the agent rankings by Production, Volume, Agent Gross or Agent Net.
  • Production Report – Displays Gross Production (Gross Commission) created by each agent or agent(s) broken out by each Agent and Voucher. You can also filter by transaction type and date range.
  • Volume Report – Generate a report of your deal volume totals by Agent, Transaction Type, and Voucher.  This report has ‘Agent Detail’ and ‘Volume Overview’ options. This report will display the total Rent/Sale amount broken out by each Agent and Deal.
  • Opportunities Report – Review Estimated and Weighted In House Gross Commissions for Opportunities.  Filter by Opportunity Types, Stages, or Agents.
  • Future Revenue Receivables ReportEnhanced — Added the ability for agents to see their estimated agent net in their agent portal.


Full Product Updates by Month ?:


What’s Coming Up Next ?:

  • Teams & Manager Hierarchy – This will allow you to assign agents to team and managers to one or more teams. This way managers will only see data from teams they manage instead of seeing the entire brokerage’s information. 
  • Custom Voucher Fields – The ability to add custom fields for your company’s voucher for the data that matters most to your business. 
  • Custom Required Voucher Fields – The ability to define additional fields for being required before a voucher can be submitted for approval. 
  • Invoice Statuses – Additional status information in the invoice grid to know payment status of invoices in addition to knowing if they’re un-billed, sent or downloaded. When using the quickbooks integration you’ll also see validation if it’s been sent
  • Invoice Commission Report – This report will show invoices over a period of time with information on how that cash will be distributed once it is received by the brokerage. 
  • Draw Plans & Base Payments – Support for making salary/base payments in CommissionTrac as well as more support for managing draw plans for agents.
  • Improved QuickBooks Online and Desktop Integration – Improved workflows for Invoice and Agent Payment with the addition of Deposits. Do everything from CommissionTrac and the data will all flow over to quickbooks. 

How to Request New Features & Submit Product Ideas ?:

If you have an idea for us for a new feature, we’ve added a new feature to our support chat so you can easily give us feedback and ideas to improve CommissionTrac:

For more information on how to submit feedback, here’s a help center article: I have a suggestion to improve CommissionTrac

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