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How CommissionTrac helped Spradley Properties drastically decrease time spent on processing invoices and managing receivables


Founded in 2005, Spradley Properties is a full-service management company that offers real estate and property management services in the areas surrounding Temple and Belton, Texas. They specialize in brokerage, property management, and maintenance services for commercial and residential properties. Their experienced staff has decades of real estate, property management, and maintenance experience in the Central Texas region, priding themselves in the long-term relationships they have developed with their clients over the years.

We do monthly invoices on the 1st of the month, and before CommissionTrac it took me from the 1st to the 5th of the month soley doing invoices and updating spreadsheets. Now it takes me 1 to 2 hours with CommissionTrac.

— Kelly Yanez, Office Manager


Spradley Properties has a complex and cumbersome process for processing invoices every month. Invoices were done in Word Documents, then made a PDF to email or send in the physical mail. Lastly, it was inputted in a spreadsheet in excel for all the receivables and what people had been paid. What this amounted to was a drawn out process that took Spradley’s Office Manager, Kelly Yanez, an extremely long time to complete. With today’s technology, they wanted to invest in making systems better and began their search for a workflow management system that would create time savings and more clarity into their brokerage.

I would recommend CommissionTrac because of the time you save. To be able to help with other stuff in the office is the biggest key for me. I’m not having to do it the old fashioned way (excel sheets) … Now I can do what I need to in a couple of hours and then go work with the brokers on another deal!

— Kelly Yanez, Office Manager


CommissionTrac’s relationship with Spradley properties has thrived over the past 12 months. Through working with CommissionTrac, Kelly’s procedure for processing invoices went from 5 days every month to a couple of hours. The ability of being able to remotely log into CommissionTrac from anywhere, has allowed Spradley’s management to be less dependant on Kelly being in the office in order to be able to generate managerial reports. After a quick onboarding of Spradley onto the new platform, Kelly has enjoyed the quick response from CommissionTrac’s support team.


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