How Amy and Debra used CommissionTrac to handle workload in-house that was previously outsourced

About NAI G2 Commercail

NAI G2 Commercial is a member of the NAI Global network.  When NAI G2 Commercial was founded, their vision was to create a full service commercial real estate company that would be a true third party solution for commercial properties in West Georgia and East Alabama. They are qualified to offer a broad scope of services on a wide range of property types including industrial manufacturing and warehouse distribution, land, multifamily, medical office, professional office, retail, and self-storage.

NAI G2 Commercial is a unique company compared to other real estate and management companies because they provide a hands-on approach while utilizing the latest technology to market and manage commercial properties for our clients, and are a true third party provider of property management and commercial brokerage services.

With CommissionTrac everything is at your fingertips. If you want to find something you just put in the address or the tenant's name and the entire deal and all the details pops up. I wouldn’t want to live without it, I’ll put it that way…It really makes your work a lot easier.”

Debra Duncan, Operations Manager

About Debra & Amy

Amy Gill - Amy has been with the G2 Commercial team since 2015 and is involved in all aspects of the G2 Commercial operations. She is the Office Manager, and she assists the commercial brokerage team in the administration and marketing commercial sales & lease listings as well as being a valuable member of the property management team. 

Debra Duncan - Debra joined the NAI G2 Commercial team as a Brokerage Administrator in 2018 after working in the industry for many years. Debra’s wealth of experience in commercial real estate enables her to assist the NAI G2 Commercial brokerage team with all sorts of activities related to brokerage administration and marketing of sale & lease listings.


G2 Commercial was looking for the best way to “keep track of what’s owed” and to manage their tiered commission splits.  Since this was handled by their parent company previously, their needs were cut-and-dry: bring this task in house in a manageable way that doesn’t add a lot of time or complication to their existing work-load.


Amy and Debra have enjoyed having all of the commission information at their fingertips and having an application that they trust do the math and generate graphs so they have visual reminders available at all times.

They have found that once they put the basic deal data into CommissionTrac the application does the thinking for them, calculating and tracking what’s outstanding and how it will be divided up amongst agents once the money comes in. It also makes generating reports for the leadership of the brokerage as simple as a few button clicks for real-time data. 

In addition, Amy has appreciated CommissionTrac’s Success Team availability and speedy response time. And Debra has found the program to be “self explanatory and easy to pick up.”


Spradley Properties has a complex and cumbersome process for processing invoices every month. Invoices were done in Word Documents, then made a PDF to email or send in the physical mail. Lastly, it was inputted in a spreadsheet in excel for all the receivables and what people had been paid. What this amounted to was a drawn out process that took Spradley’s Office Manager, Kelly Yanez, an extremely long time to complete. With today’s technology, they wanted to invest in making systems better and began their search for a workflow management system that would create time savings and more clarity into their brokerage.

The program is easy to use, it’s user friendly, and even if you’ve got questions you’ve got friendly people there to be able to help you.

— Amy Gill, Office Manager


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