How Lizzie Cook Was Able to Make Lee & Associates Charleston’s Commission Process More Productive and Efficient Using CommissionTrac

About Lee & Associates Charleston

The team at Lee & Associates serve a select group of Charleston, SC clients with comprehensive leasing, sales, and property management skills. Their accreditations include five Certified Commercial Investment Members (CCIM),five brokers in the Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS® (SIOR), and four Certified Property Managers (CPM).

All Lee & Associates agents are dedicated to superior client service, and represent their clients' interests with proven expertise and the utmost integrity, whether for landlords or tenants, buyers or sellers. Their commercial real estate brokerage services include:

Office Space, Retail Space, Warehouses, Industrial Space, Land Sites, Investment Real Estate, Site Selection and Corporate Services

Whatever the need or budget, Lee & Associates agents are committed to results. That's one more way they put "People First, Properties Second".

“It’s our agent’s job to focus on building relationships, winning assignments, and pursuing new business. And they can do so knowing that we’re taking care of the backend work for them, including collecting and processing their commissions.CommissionTrac has enabled us to do that quickly and efficiently!

— Lizzie Cook, Operations Manager


(over 12 months)

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About Lizzie Cook

Lizzie Cook graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication. She went on to get her Master of Business Administration from The Citadel. Lizzie returned to the Lee & Associates family after previously serving as Anchor Commercial’s Marketing | Broker Assistant from 2009-2011. In between, she worked as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative based in Dallas, TX and as a Client Services Representative in Charleston’s demanding catering and events scene.

At Lee & Associates Charleston, Lizzie wears many different hats in addition to commissions  management and processing. Lizzie described her role as: “I’m responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm, this includes overseeing the brokerage department’s employees, assisting ownership with financial management and budgeting, fulfilling all Human Resource administrative duties, and improving upon the company’s systems, policies, and procedures the best that I can.”

So, Lizzie does just about everything for Lee & Associates Charleston!


Before using CommissionTrac, Lee & Associates Charleston tracked and managed commissions in spreadsheets. They had a two page ‘deal sheet’ that served as both an invoice and deal information storage. Agents were responsible for creating a deal sheet for each deal. Document management was a challenge as agents would store their deal sheets wherever it was most convenient, and sometimes that resulted in mis-placed deal information. Lizzie found herself  chasing paper every time a payment came in or an agent needed help finding a previously created deal sheet.


Lee & Associates Charleston’s “goal was to be able to plan, to create more realistic business plans for the year,track down money that’s overdue to us, and to be able to keep an eye on what everyone is working on.” She knew that not having a clear understanding of their receivables hindered cash flow as well as budgeting and forecasting.  


Now that CommissionTrac is in place, Lizzie is saving time and Lee & Associates Charleston is getting paid! Invoicing is “so much more efficient, professional, and easier for our clients to understand.”

Because Lee & Associates Charleston created an internal requirement that agents attach contracts and co-broker invoices to vouchers in CommissionTrac, if Lizzie has any questions, she can just pop over to the Attachments tab to check on the details if she has any questions. This has helped her “pay people more quickly and more accurately without having to shuffle paper around.”

In addition, CommissionTrac’s reports have helped Lizzie in multiple ways. For starters, with “just a couple of clicks [she] can print out what‘s 30, 60, 90 days past due and go track it down.  This has been great and has actually helped us achieve [their] number one goal” of having a better idea what everyone is working on and what their receivables look like. She can also pull reports for agents with just a few clicks, “in 30 seconds or less” instead of having to sift through multiple spreadsheets or various separate applications.

Lizzie has also appreciated that CommissionTrac is “easy to use”, and that it is “easy to fix mistakes, as much as we wish we hadn’t made them.”

Finally, Lizzie has had a great experience with CommissionTrac’s Customer Success Team.  She describes CommissionTrac’s support as “accessible, super responsive, very knowledgeable and helpful.”  She knows she can reach out via in-app chat and ask for help when the need arises and she appreciates how the Success Team is willing to help do some legwork to save her some time. 

Why would you recommend CommissionTrac?

Because the software is simple to use! It’s taken our outdated commission process and turned it into a modern, well oiled machine without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Your Support Team is responsive and well trained and quick to jump in and resolve any problems we might run into. Lastly, it’s affordable

— Lizzie Cook, MBA, Operations Manager

What has been your number one result with CommissionTrac?

I feel like it’s too easy of an answer, but probably: getting paid. It’s obviously the end goal….It has brought in more money and made us more productive and more efficient

— Lizzie Cook, MBA, Operations Manager