How Susan at Colliers Philadelphia automated a previously manual process, saving time and money

About Colliers Philadelphia

Colliers Philadelphia is a proud affiliate of Colliers International.  Colliers Philadelphia provides a full range of services to commercial real estate occupiers, owners and investors throughout the Tri-State region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  They have been locally based in Philadelphia for nearly 100 years due to their steadfast commitment to deliver personal service, strategic vision and timely results to each client.

“I would recommend CommissionTrac because it has automated what we were doing manually, which was prone to error.  Whenever you have a manual process, like spreadsheets, you can have errors... And CommissionTrac just takes all of that away!  It automates calculations that can be really complex. CommissionTrac can handle it all - whatever the type of transaction it is. So to me, that’s the highest recommendation that you can get - that it can handle your business needs.”

— Susan Olinsky, CPA, Senior VP of Finance


Colliers Philadelphia was using multiple separate applications to manage and bill lease commissions, track agent and co-broker splits, and calculate and pay agent splits.  These siloed applications meant working in triplicate which was time consuming and cumbersome. Susan was frustrated by how much manual work she had to do to keep track of this information - moving data from one application to another and having to check in multiple places to gather required statistics for Colliers International was taking up too much time.


Colliers Philadelphia had been looking to improve their automation for several years but until they found CommissionTrac they were not finding any options that would help them effectively manage the monthly commissions they continue to process.  They needed to be able to track monthly commissions and they wanted regular tasks like calculating broker commissions to be less of a manual task.  

Additionally, they wanted to find a way to centralize their data so that “all the people who are involved in the different aspects of billing and collections and co-broker payments, could all access the information in one place.”  

Finally, Susan knew that robust reporting options and a smooth transfer of data into their General Ledger would be critical both for brokers and Colliers International.


With CommissionTrac, Colliers Philadelphia has “certainly met our goals on having the information at our fingertips for all of the people who were involved.”  

Voucher creation and calculation of broker commissions in CommissionTrac is “fast and easy.”  They also “love having the ability to email invoices and that has definitely cut down on our mailing costs.”

Susan loves that she “can find what [she’s] looking for really quickly” both in lists and in reports.

The CommissionTrac support has been “incredibly responsive.”

About Susan Olinsky

As the Senior Vice President of Finance, Susan is responsible for the overall management of accounting operations, including direct supervision of brokerage commissions, AR, AP, REMS property accountants, Lease Administration and corporate business planning.  Susan works closely with all Colliers departments to provide operational support and planning for the firm. These duties include establishing and maintaining accounting policies, procedures and process improvement initiatives. Susan is a Certified Public Accountant and graduated from Indiana University.

“I think that it’s met all of our target goals and that you guys have done an incredible job of working with us with the nuances of how complex our book of business is here.”

— Susan Olinsky, CPA, Sr. VP of Finance


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