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If you do not stay on top of it, technology will get away from you and you will be way behind. For CRE owners, the idea is to adopt technology early and adopt it right. These are the top five takeaways of 16 Insights CRE Owners Need Before Adopting New Technology from Honest Buildings that you should consider when adopting new technology:

  1. Make sure that the people who will be using the technology are included in the process. You want to make sure the technology can be used by the team so having someone from the team involved in the decision process will ensure that it will.
  2. Integrate the technology into your current processes. You will want to make sure that the technology you choose fits with your current processes and this ties into the first point. With someone there who understands your processes, you are more likely to accomplish this.
  3. Make a plan to train the team who will be using the technology. It is not enough to hand a new technology to a team but you must also train them in using it for success.
  4. Check in with the team for feedback on a regular basis and celebrate wins as they happen. Also, even when you do train them, since it is a new technology, it is important to get feedback on how it is working and developing for the team over time.
  5. Understand that the real value of technology is creating stronger teams. The value of technology is not the technology but what the technology can do to bring your teams together and make them better and more efficient.

All of these takeaways center around making the technology work for you as well as the team that will be using it. This is a major consideration when you are trying to develop a strong team with a technology base.

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