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A few years ago, many different real estate brokerages started using virtual reality as a way to make the customer experience better and to achieve better and fast results in the market. Today, virtual reality is not the only way you can do this. in fact, augmented reality is the next big thing in this technology sector. Augmented reality really hit the market through games like Pokemon Go about a year ago so that means that many are already familiar with the concept. Because of this, augmented reality, or AR for short is something that your CRE brokerage should consider implementing for a variety of reasons.

Become an Early Adopter

Because this technology is so new, you can be one of the first, if not the first, in your area to start utilizing this technology. You can get the leading edge of the market by doing new and innovative things using augmented reality. Your possibilities are endless and when you have poised your CRE brokerage as an innovative company, the sky is the limit for you.

Create More Interactive User Experiences

When you find new ways to use augmented reality for your business, you will effectively make the experience better and more interactive for the customers. This is a technology that allows users to find and utilize more data in real time. For example, Floored is an app that is doing that exactly. It allows people to bring the spaces to life and to design, in the app, how they want things to look. When they do this, they can see, in augmented reality, how things will look with all of the changes and if they like the overall look. You can create a very similar type of application that will allow customers to better visualize the space and determine if it is the right one for their needs.

Increase Foot Traffic to a Space

Whether you have one space available or multiple spaces throughout the city, you can use augmented reality to get people to the location. Apps like Pokemon Go who have been using augmented reality for a year or more have shown to be very successful in increasing foot traffic to an area. You can use this to your benefit and get more people to the space than you ever have before. This will help you ensure that the space is rented or purchased faster and that more people get their eyes on the space with less of an effort from you. It is a brilliant way to have an open house type of event and it really only takes some up front time to develop before it starts to run more on its own.

Any type of technology that you can use to improve your process and success rate is a positive one. Augmented reality is quickly becoming something that is seen as normal in this new technology age. Other types of technology to consider are accounting software, virtual open houses, and more.

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