Can CommissionTrac & Rethink Improve Agents Prospecting?


Daniel Levison | October 29, 2019

As a managing broker or agent do you really know where your revenue is coming from? If you’re like I was, as a producing principal broker, you probably have a gut feel. You may know you make more money off leasing efforts than sales efforts, or most of your individual or company’s commissions come from tenant representation vs landlord representation. But do REALLY know the details?

With today’s technologies, more specifically CommissionTrac and Rethink, agents, brokers and principals can access real-time data on exactly where your company creates revenue. More informed knowledge on exactly where you generate revenue might also influence potential hiring decisions, as well as where to focus more of your agents’ or company’s resources.

Should you hire a tenant rep broker or bring on an agent to enhance or build your landlord representation business? Analyzing deals geographically along with desk expenses may give additional insight on these types of decisions, as well as where to apply valuable company resources. The right technologies can provide you with instant, accurate and detailed information to make more informed and likely smarter decisions.

Imagine if every single agent at your office had access to up to date internal comps for leases and sales at the tip of their fingers. With CommissionTrac, this is a breeze:


If you’re an agent or managing broker, can your back office provide you a breakdown, without taking days or weeks, on whether you’re generating more leasing revenue vs sales revenue by product type or by geographic areas pertinent to your city? Can they provide you detailed information quickly on the amount Class A or B space your agents leased in the last quarter or year to help with the pitch your company is about to make with 48-hours notice?

CommissionTrac coupled with the commercial real estate centric CRM Rethink can give you this type of relevant information and significantly more to help you run a more productive and profitable brokerage business.

Whether you run a one-person or hundred-person brokerage business, we all operate in a global economy that, at times, requires fast but informed decisions on how to manage our businesses. Today’s decision-making process requires the best information possible, quickly, to make those decisions.

Rethink and CommissionTrac have created a seamless integration to provide you the information you need to make the best and most informed decisions about your brokerage business.

To find out how you can use CommissionTrac and Rethink to gain clarity and insight on your brokerage’s performance, pipeline projections, manage your company and agents receivables, commission split plans, invoicing and distributions, and experience why Techstars Atlanta and Cox Enterprises are lead investors in CommissionTrac, request a demo today by visiting our website at

Author: Daniel Levison – Chairman CRE Holdings (Atlanta Investment Properties, CommissionTrac, SharedSpace), Vijay Mehra, CEO (Rethink)

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