Attract Talent by Putting Your Back Office First


Jordan Everts | October 6, 2017

Work long enough and eventually, you’ll encounter a technology product that makes you bang your head against the wall. People need efficient tools to do succeed at their jobs. Help your sales team perform at their best with a user-friendly back office system. A confusing workflow riddled with errors chases talent away. Don’t let that happen to your team. Streamline the busy work and improve confidence in your real estate team with the software tools they need to be effective.


The real estate industry is mobile. Current real estate professionals can work for weeks without stepping into the main office. These professionals want to track their expenses and their income on the go.

While real estate pros should be numbers-savvy, not everyone is a trained accountant. Make the financials transparent, mobile-friendly, and easy to use to attract high quality real estate professionals.

Commissions Tracking

Young, professional real estate agents and those in the business a while have the same goal: move those numbers. Whether it’s brokerage numbers or individual numbers, keep the team abreast in real-time with how they’re doing. Make people confident in the time, amount, and reason for their compensation. Frequent payout mistakes are bad for reputation, morale, confidence.

Customer-Relationship Management (CRM)

Try nurturing leads and closing deals in real estate without a customer relationship management system (CRM). Real estate professionals interact with dozens of people every day through multiple communication modes. They need a tool to track who they contacted and when the contact happened to move a person from potential lead to converted client. An integrated CRM handles the tracking for the agents. Most CRMs can send reminders when agents need to touch base with a particular client.

Value-Added Services

Impress potential new team members with all the back office services that add value to the real estate professional’s daily work. Offer real-time data on the local market, with investment metrics and demographical data. Specialized business intelligence that gives them a foot up on the competition is a bonus.

Think lead prospecting services or comprehensive data access. Use cloud-based services and mobile apps for frequent needs, like document signing or comparable research, to help agents work from any location. Marketing tools like automated email campaigns and online-designed space tour books save serious time when bringing a client’s property to the market.

You want your team to be successful. After all, happy employees make happy clients. Provide the equipment they need to close deals and boost their trust in your brand. The better your brand reputation, the more talent you’ll attract. What business doesn’t want the top pick of the talent pool?

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