11 Must-Have Apps For Real Estate Pros


Logan Paton | June 1, 2018

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re a busy real estate professional. And, if that’s the case, you probably find yourself relying heavily on word of mouth or your own searching to come across the best apps to further your brand or your career. If this sounds like you, rest assured — the CommissionTrac team is here to help you find the best apps you never knew you needed!

Here are 11 must have apps for today’s real estate professionals…


1. RPR Mobile

Break free from your desk with RPR Mobile. This is an app developed exclusively for Realtors®, to be used as a property research tool. Easily search properties, generate and send custom branded reports, and have access to local market statistics in real time, from any location.

GPS technology allows you to easily view nearby listings and sales activity, or you can drill deeper into a specific property, viewing tax data, mortgage information, school zones, dynamic mapping, and even more. Use this tool to be confident that any time your clients ask a question about a specific property, you’ll have the answer.

Key features allow you to easily search for any property (both on and off the market), draw a specific search area directly on a map, search for schools within an area or school district, add photos, text and audio notes to any property, click to call the listing agent, and the ability to save a property for future viewing or use.

2. Scannable

This free app allows you to easily scan receipts, contracts, business cards and more. Saving or sharing documents is no longer a tedious task — simply scan them and move on. Scannable allows you to automatically capture high-quality scans anywhere and deal with your paper professionally.

3. DropBox

DropBox is a no brainer for any real estate professional, as a creative collaboration space to help cut down on wasted time, bringing your files all together in one central location and safely syncing them across all of your devices. This easy to use solution grants you the ability to access your files easily — anytime and anywhere. DropBox is also a great solution for easily sending large files, even to recipients who doesn’t have a DropBox account.

Key features give you the ability to work on certain files with others through the use of shared folders, comment on files to give and share feedback with your team, use the document scanner to easily turn receipts and files into PDFs, and sync, edit and share Microsoft Office files.

4. Expensify

Expensify offers real estate professionals an efficient tool for receipt and mileage tracking, reporting of expenses, and the reconciliation of company card usage — all integrated seamlessly with the QuickBooks system.

Expensify is a one-stop shop to automate every step of your expense management process, from tracking your receipts to post-expense reimbursement.

5. The News Funnel

Have you ever wished you could receive real estate news, personalized? If so, look no further! The News Funnel allows you instant access to the breaking real estate news that matters most to you and your team. The News Funnel helps you create a singular customized news feed, containing headlines curated from more than 3,000 media sources, as well as content from more than 2,000 real estate companies.

Currently in more than 30 primary markets located throughout the United States, The News Funnel app delivers the latest local and national real estate news to professionals in real time.

6. BombBomb

BombBomb app is a natural fit for sales professionals, allowing you to get face to face more often — and earlier in the sales process — with your prospects and your clients (after all, you’re probably better in person, right?).

So many factors of the human personality, such as persuasion, nuance, emotion and more, all relay better through video than through typed out words or your voice alone. BombBomb not only helps you convey your messages more persuasively and effectively, it also helps you free up time by talking rather than typing.

7. Cloze

Have you ever wished you could have a personal assistant for your professional relationships? One that consistently prompts you at the right time, and remembers all of those pesky details you always seem to forget? If so, Cloze may be just right for you.

Cloze pulls from your existing apps to seamlessly create one singular view of every person and company. All of their contact details, as well as your complete history with them, is now together in one place. It’s all organized for you — without you having to do any of the busy work.

8. DocuSign

Are you searching for the easiest and most secure way to sign or have documents signed from your smartphone or tablet? Look no further than DocuSign! With a massive user base worldwide (50,000,000+ and counting), DocuSign is easily the most widely used eSignature platform today. Easily send documents for others to sign, fill out and eSign an unlimited number of documents per month, and securely manage your documents from anywhere at any time.

9. FB Ad Manager

Facebook’s Ad Manager app allows your business to stay connected with the performance of your ads, no matter where you are. You can easily create and track ads, as well as edit your ad campaigns, on the wildly popular social media platform right from your mobile device.

10. DotLoop

DotLoop allows you to be there right when opportunity knocks. Create loops in mere seconds, and then keep your transactions going by sharing documents directly from your device through multiple apps (including Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, email, and more).

11. OpenHome Pro

Commonly referred to as “real estate’s favorite open house app,” OpenHome Pro allows you to ditch the old fashioned pen and paper approach and watch your business grow. Gather visitors’ contact info, take notes, and promote your upcoming open house — all from your mobile device or table. This free app is idea for agents who are looking to simplify their lead connection, save time in following up with visitors, and impress their visitors and clients alike with the latest technology.

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