​3 Social Media Trends Commercial Realtors Need To Use

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Daniel Levison | April 24, 2019

Author: Catherine Way


Social media isn’t just for the residential realtors or house flippers anymore! Due to the success of social media, more commercial realtors are looking to start selling on social media. Commercial realtors are starting their own social media revolution! More commercial realtors are hopping on social media, to try and emulate the success of house flippers or realtors.

Commercial Realtors and real estate investors have a unique challenge to find tenants for commercial real estate investments. Advertising your commercial spaces can actually be fun and not to mention an increase in the number of sales and potential tenants you may have. However, finding the best tenants for your commercial real estate investment isn’t a walk through the park. Thankfully you can use these social media trends finding new tenants for your space may be only a few clicks away! By using these social media trends you can simplify your tenant searches and be able to interact with possible tenants easier than ever!

Selling In Groups

Facebook and Linkedin Groups are a secret goldmine of possible tenants for commercial realtors.

Joining Facebook groups of the local businesses, or even just the enterprise groups is a great way to see possible new tenants, and introduce yourself, and make some valuable connections.


“Networking has always been the key to success for everyone in real estate.

Social media has made that easier, and harder than ever. In order to network on social media you have to give more than you take, not spam or post endlessly,

offer something of value and listen to what people need.”

– Loren Howard – Prime Plus Mortgages, Phoenix Bridge Loans


Depending on your spaces, you can even join groups for special clients that You can market your services deeply and specifically on that basis. You can also use business directories, and Facebook groups to find business networking events and possible tenants. Through conversations, you will soon find local businesses looking to relocate for specific reasons. Posting your availability in Facebook groups, or on LinkedIn is a great way to get noticed by administrative staff who may be looking for a new space. Networking on social media is a great way to make more deals and find more tenants for your commercial realty space.

Stories and Live Features:

For anyone that dreamed of being a news reporter, or having your own podcast, social media has delivered. Through the use of Snapchat, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and Facebook live, now anyone can report to their audience in real time. Commercial realtors can use these feature to engage with their followers in a variety of ways. Stories are great for featuring posts that you want to be sure are seen! When you post on Instagram and Facebook, the post gets shuffled into the algorithm and is usually viewed chronically. However, with Stories, your posts are featured on the top of the timeline and can be seen for over 24 hours.

Stories are a great avenue for posting newly listed spaces, walkthroughs, and behind the scenes content. Facebook live is great for those looking to talk a virtual tour to a new level. You can show possible tenants what your space will look like, along with the great feature they normally don’t get to see in a listed.

Snapchat’s features of a disappearing post infiltrated almost every major network, sometimes more than once. For millennials, having a presence on Snapchat is a necessity; you can have fun with the postings or even just use Snapchat’s location tag to show where you are located and call out possible people in your area to check out your listing. Having interactive and engaging posts will always lead to more possible leads.

Tell Engaging Stories & Interact

The biggest hurdle for commercial realtors is learning how to tell engaging and interesting stories that make social media users want to reach out. Engaging an audience requires storytelling and interaction more on a superficial basis. To get the most of social media storytelling, you need a good mix of professional and personal content for your followers. Mixing your content creates more of a complete picture of who you are and how you can help your followers. Professional content can easily be used to tell engaging customer journeys, with the help of the right content.

Some great examples of professional content commercial realtors can use are:

  • Before and after photos
  • Client testimonials
  • Behind the scenes photo of getting a property listed and sold

With professional content, commercial realtors can tell potential customer and clients how they can solve their pain points.  It could be long-form posts about a tenant that just couldn’t find the right place for them until they reached out to your office. It’s about how your office goes above and beyond for customer service.

Don’t be afraid to mix in some personal content into your pages and change the tone once in a while.

In fact, sharing about your personal life is highly encouraged on social media!

You can still tell stories and keep people interested in your business by using these types of personal content:

  • Pets: everyone loves dogs, cats, fish, and critters in between. Snap a selfie of your pet to get some instant likes. Some people even make social accounts for their pets!
  • Workouts: While some people roll their eye at the selfies of people at the gym, workout posts are great motivators and get people talking. In your posts, you can share your progress, your struggles, and what you have achieved so far!
  • On the job: Posting updates of the current properties you are working on, or even the clients you are meeting with can help tell a more interesting and exciting story about your reality and why others should work with you. You can share office fun days or just exciting things that are happening in your business.

While telling interesting stories will capture attention, make sure to interact with your followers who comment and like your spots, stories and more. A simple response to when someone loves your space or that they love how cute your pet is is a great way to network with your following and have them checking in the next time you post.


Social media is a great way to connect with potential tenants, share stories and build your network. Social selling isn’t just for house flippers and residential realtors anymore. Commercial realtors can find new tenants, buyers, and build their network by using these 3 social trends.

  • Selling In Groups: Following and post vacancies in groups is an easy way for commercial realtors to find tenants to fill their spaces. Commercial realtors can also learn more about the growing businesses in their areas to network with and help them find their next space.
  • Stories and Live Features: By posting on stories and live features, commercial realtors posts will no longer get lost in the timeline, and can be easily viewed by their audience for over 24 hours. Using Facebook live you can even notify all your followers about your activity and answer questions.
  • Tell Engaging Stories and Interact: Posting on social media requires more than copy and paste. Mixing your content creates more of a complete picture, with dream, accomplishments, and services mixed into the day to day life you have.

What Other Social media Trends Do You Think Realtors Should Use?


Catherine Way graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor’s of Advertising with a specialization in Graphic Design. She works as a freelance content creator for many facets of real estate, commercial, residential, and mortgage industries.  She spends her free time finding new ways to talk to people through writing, designing, dancing, and more. You can see her latest creations here.

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