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Your Commercial Real Estate Back Office, Simplified

Automate the way you manage deal comps, commissions, send invoices, and pay agents.

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Why CommissionTrac?

Give your back office and agents the commission solution they deserve without wasting time digging through spreadsheets.

Organize Your Deals-01

Organize Your Deals & Internal Comps

Escape spreadsheets and paper forms. CommissionTrac keeps everything in one place.

Automate Your Commissions & Accounting-01

Automate Brokerage Commissions & Accounting

No more double data entry. CommissionTrac provides simple workflows for your agents and back office.

Transparency For Everyone-01

Reports & Transparency For Your Team

Permission sets and logins for Agents, Bookkeepers, and Managers. Easy access to the reports that matter.

One solution to automate CRE back office workflows

Helping brokerages with organization and efficiency by providing automation, workflows, and transparency.

Organize Deals and Comp Data

Use Vouchers to organize deal data. No more excel spread sheets.

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Approval Process for New Deals

Set up a multi-level approval process for new deals submitted to ensure data integrity

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Invoice Faster with Automation

Build your invoice template in CommissionTrac and automate sending and tracking open receivables.

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Collect and Track Commissions with Ease

Record deposits in CommissionTrac and let automation calculate broker splits from voucher data

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Distributions Calculations Automated

Manage agent commission distributions, draw plans, expenses and bonuses all in one place

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Reports for the Whole Team

A full suite of reports for comps data, accounting reports, broker production and pipeline

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Integrations with Other Apps

With our API, easily integrate CommissionTrac with your CRM and General Ledger

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What Our Clients Say

“I have been in the accounting field well over 20 years and I would strongly recommend CommissionTrac to my friends and family. They are there for you every step of the way, it is so refreshing to have a company that responds to you within minutes! Personally, I would not have it any other way!”

Tracey Barden
NAI Dominion

“My favorite part about CommissionTrac is their dedication to our success as a customer. They are constantly incorporating our feedback into their product. It really feels like we are growing together which makes me feel connected to their team.”

Shelly Protus

“The CommissionTrac team has been an exceptional resource to better organize our commission tracking and billing systems for a small commercial brokerage. Historically we operated from multiple spreadsheets and cobbled together our invoicing to address monthly, quarterly, and annual lease commissions.”

Thomas M. Mcdermott

“The speed in their delivery, quality of their product and immediate recognition in the industry by reputable brands is a direct result of a smart team who studies the needs of their customers, potential customers and doesn’t hesitate to step outside of the industry to understand how other sectors are tackling accounting struggles.”

Emily Line

“I would recommend CommissionTrac because of the time you save. We do monthly invoices on the 1st of the month, and before CommissionTrac it took me from the 1st to the 5th of the month solely doing invoices and updating spreadsheets. Now it takes me 1 to 2 hours with CommissionTrac”

Kelly Yanez
Spradley Properties

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